Month: February 2014

Penguin Delights – #DCCC – Demelza Carlton’s Cursed Coast Episode 8

Who’d have thought salvaging a shipwreck would prove more risky than surviving the shipwreck itself? This week’s Cursed Coast – Western Australia, where else? – involves two shipwrecks and the strange things three men did to survive. Bungaree The Bungaree

Where Would An Angel Live? Melody Angel’s Home

Lucifer lives in the lap of luxury, in a penthouse apartment on the shore of the Swan River, with views to sell your soul for. Melody Angel (or Mel, as she prefers to be called) has a much more modest

The Lighthouse, the Shipwreck and Saving Mr Darcy – #DCCC – Demelza Carlton’s Cursed Coast Episode 7

Did you hear how Mr Darcy almost died, the night he decided to spend a weekend on an island off the West Australian coast? Actually, it was Mr D’Arcy, not the Austen hero, but the tale is true, nonetheless. This

Where Would A Devil Live? – Lucifer’s Lair

Don’t go there. A huge, legendary serpent has lived there since the beginning of time, lurking. He’ll devour or damage the unwary who enter his place. Sometimes, the legends of the past are far more interesting than anything my fertile

Valentine’s Day and Parenthood

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I love Valentine’s Day; yet I rarely write it into a story. Perhaps I’m just not comfortable enough with the romantic elements of such a day in bringing together a

Practice Your Poker Face – It’s Time to Play

I learned to play poker when I was five. A friend of my parents taught me, when I was supposed to be having an afternoon nap during a grown-ups party. Pontoon came two or three years later, when we were