Month: October 2014

Fremantle Fish Market

Maria in Ocean’s Trial was lucky enough to land a job in the Fremantle Fish Market in 1923 – the perfect place for a girl who knew fish and the ocean, but not much else. Merry and Maria lived on

Modern Fremantle to a Flapper

Welcome to Merry’s house – with all the modern conveniences of Australia in the 1920s. I admit I don’t know for certain which house it is in these photos, as the recently renovated house that’s there now looks very different.

Five Dark Denizens: Asmodeus, Kasyade, Merihim, Nessos and Geryon

I’d like to introduce you to five of the darker denizens of Hell. From poker players to raping, poisoning centaurs to a bit of BDSM…these demons are definitely in the right place in the Pit of Despair. Asmodeus Rumour has

The Harpies of Hell: Lilith, Jezebeth and Ananiel

Level Seven in Hell is where harpies are allowed to punish the damned as they see fit. Having spent some time up in the HELL Corporation offices, indulging their tastes for dark erotica, Lilith, Jezebeth and Ananiel have remodelled their