Month: February 2015

Size Matters

Sometimes size matters – especially when you’re the longest in the Southern Hemisphere. No, don’t get your measuring tapes out, boys – this is the Busselton Jetty I’m talking about and nothing in your pants can compete. It’s the longest

Karaoke, Koyane and Onsens

Welcome to Japan – land of karaoke, onsens and a kami called Koyane. I’d best start with introductions, so first up is Koyane. Koyane Ame No Koyane No Mikoto, or Koyane for short, is one of the kami or deities

St Patrick Goes to Purgatory

Saints are usually pictured as haloed and in Heaven, but legends say that Saint Patrick did a Dante and paid a visit to Purgatory and perhaps even Hell. In approximately 445 AD, in between founding churches and working as a