Month: September 2015

Sixty-Three Emails – Seven #SexySnippets on #MySexySaturday

A surprise homecoming for Audra in today’s seven snippets: Hundreds of unread emails awaited her, so she sighed and sat down to sort the spam from the…sixty-three emails from Jay? WHY WON’T YOU ANSWER MY MESSAGES? WE WERE MADE FOR

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Don’t Be Ridiculous – Seven #SexySnippets on #MySexySaturday

A surprising homecoming for the rock star in today’s seven snippets: “Where’s Audra?” “Did you say Audra? She was mad about mangoes. I bet Audra’s missing those now she’s in Antarctica.” “Antarctica? Don’t be ridiculous,” he said, turning his eyes

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Three Fat Friends – Seven #SexySnippets on #MySexySaturday

Sometimes it sucks to be the maid, especially in today’s seven snippets: She crossed her fingers as she entered the sparkling white porcelain cave that was bigger than her bedroom in the staff accommodation. The only splash of colour in

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