At least the cell has a bed with a mattress, you reason as you stretch out for another nap. Maybe when you wake up you'll have a better idea of what to do about your present predicament.

When you do finally fall asleep, you dream of that city you thought you saw on Omega. In your mind, it's just like Alba, one of the moon cities back in the Titan system. At least, what Alba had looked like, before the machines took control. It's where you grew up, and the sort of place you'd like to raise your children in, too, if you're ever lucky enough to have any. There was something comforting in living in a dome city, a sort of cocoon that kept you safe from the hostile environment outside.

If you survive this, you want to go back to Omega, to see if you can find the city. To ask if they'll let you in so you can live there…

You're shaken roughly from your sleep and dragged to your feet. You blink the bleariness from your eyes to focus on the armoured man holding you upright. At least, what you can see of him.

These Humans must think you're some sort of giant made of granite, if they think they need a walking wall to restrain you. Maybe you should tell them that you're a salamander shifter and while you can give them a nasty bite, you're more dangerous to fish than people.

Then again, it might be better not to remind them of how different you are to them. As long as you look like a Human, maybe they'll at least treat you like one.

Do they still torture their own?

The room they take you to tells you most emphatically that they do.

Or maybe Humans were just really afraid of dentists, you tell yourself as you're forced into the dentist's chair and metal cuffs are fastened around your wrists and ankles. Then a final cuff fastens around your neck.

This can't be good.

"Right, Titan. Tell us about the city on Omega."

You blink, surprised. Of all the things they want to ask you, that's the most important?

"I don't know anything about it." But you want to.

"Tell us about the city!"

"I don't know anything about it!"

The man asking the questions gives a dramatic sigh. "Hold it down. This should make it more cooperative."

A syringe comes into view, topped by a needle that looks too big to be real.

You have only a moment before it feels very real indeed, jabbed into the side of your neck, just below the metal collar. Whatever they've injected you with burns through your veins, setting your whole body on fire.

You arch your back in agony, only to find that the collar cuts off your air. You try to relax again, but your body won't let you, going rigid as the world turns grey.

"It's resisting! Give it another dose!"

Your body shudders of its own accord, no longer under your control, but you feel a second needle penetrate your neck on the other side.

There's no air. You can't breathe, and your body isn't yours to control any more. Stupid Humans wouldn't get any information out of you because if you can't breathe, you definitely can't talk.

Your thoughts drift to the city again. Not the one on Omega, but Alba as it was before the machines destroyed it.

It's your last thought before you slip into unconsciousness and then death.

Stupid Humans.


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