"My family's from Rotorua in New Zealand," you say. It's true, though you've never been there yourself.

"Really?" she asks.

"When the war's over and we all get to pick where we settle down, I'm hoping there's somewhere with hot springs," you say. Again, true.

"Through here," Torny says, gesturing for you to precede her as she steps out of your way.

You nod and walk through the doorway.

Metal clangs behind you and you whirl around – too late.

"Welcome to the brig, Titan spy," Torny says.

"My family is from Rotorua!" you protest.

"Nothing lives in Rotorua. Not since the volcano exploded and wiped out everything all the way from the lake to the Bay of Plenty. Everyone knows that."

It was one thing to know Humans had been forced to flee Earth, but hearing that your family's ancestral home was unliveable hits you right in the chest. Had there been any salamander shifter left? Or had they all fled to Tito, and now Altan?

But Torny was leaving…and leaving you in what looked like a prison cell.

"What about taking me to see the captain?" you call after her.

"The captain will have questions. But he'll have one of his interrogation team ask them. They're better at getting answers."

Interrogation, likely under torture. It might have been a thousand years since your people had left Earth, but Humans never changed.

What will you do?

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