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  1. Lolita Green says:


    • Demelza Carlton says:

      Hi Lolita
      I’m Aussie, so I’m not entirely certain about the definition of the term “woman of color” but my understanding is that it refers to a woman not of purely European descent.
      Zuleika, the heroine of Enchant, is half Persian – her mother, Zoraida, was Persian, hence both have Persian names.
      Yeong Mai, the heroine of Dance, is Chinese, as are all the characters in her book.
      Bianca, the heroine of Revel, is half Mongolian.
      Each book is set in the 12th century, and I endeavour to make the story as close as I can to the history in the country I have based the setting on, though sometimes I’ve changed names because my characters are entirely fiction, if inspired by real historical figures. I have about fifteen books planned out for the series so far, and while nothing is determined yet, at least one will be set in the Himalayas, another in India, and at least one in the Middle East. Others will be set in Eastern Europe, as Awaken was.
      I hope that answers your question.