You swing left, striding down the corridor with more certainty than you feel. With no signs and all the walls looking the same, there's nothing to signal whether you've chosen right or wrong for several minutes, until you reach the first hatch.

A red cross marks it as a medical bay. In fact, all the doors you can see bear the same mark. You've reached the infirmary, and most definitely taken a wrong turn.

You swivel on your heel and find yourself almost nose to nose with Torny.

"Should've turned right back there," you say as you try to swerve past her.

You're certain she's about to reach out and stop you. Shoot you, maybe, or at least stun you. That your last words will be an admission of an honest mistake.

"The first time I was sent to the infirmary, I took a wrong turn, too, and almost ran into the captain. As it was, I got blood on his uniform. I was on laundry duty for a week," she says as she falls into step beside you.

You breathe a sigh of relief.

Reaching the elevator seems to take less time than the trip to the infirmary, and it's barely any time at all until you find yourself outside the captain's briefing room.

Torny knocks on the door. "Your mystery shuttle pilot to see you, sir."

"Come in."

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