"How about you identify yourself first, random voice on my comm. You haven't even shown yourself yet." you say. "Until you do, who I am is none of your damn business."

What if the voice had come from the city? That meant it was real.

With a quick burst on the thrusters, you angle the shuttle's nose toward Omega and where you thought you'd seen the city.

If you were right, they'd see you weren't flying a fighter at all, but an ordinary shuttle, and maybe they'd let you land in whatever they used for a shuttle bay. You'd get to see the inside of the city, and when you headed back to Elysium, you'd have a tale to tell that no one would believe.

And there it is! A perfectly curved dome, ringed round by a torus like the one they'd started building on Elysium before the war began.

You're so busy staring at the city that you don't notice the missile coming up behind you until the proximity alarms go off, and then it's too late.

The dome is the last thing you see before the missile finds its target, reducing you and your shuttle to dust that drifts down to Omega. Your final resting place.


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