You rub your eyes and attempt to blink away your tiredness. You'll soon be able to sleep in a real bed aboard…whatever ship hailed you. Funny, they never did mention their name. You can't see it, either, even though you know you're headed toward it, because their tractor beam is pulling you in.

It hardly feels like you're moving at all. If you didn't know better, you'd think you were just drifting in space, floating forever until your air ran out and…

Someone is shouting at you and you jolt awake, flinging your arms out to ward off a blow.

A hum beneath you reassures you that you're in the shuttle, and the engines are working. You open your eyes.

"Correct course! Correct course!" someone shrieks.

Too late you realise that you've somehow managed to turn the engine back on when it should be off, and you're headed straight for what looks like a gun turret on the hull of a massive ship.

You fire thrusters, desperately hoping to avoid it, but it's too late. The nose of your shuttle scrapes against the turret as you turn, but your wing slices right through. Fiery orange blossoms in your forward viewscreen, engulfing the turret and you.

When the explosion hits you, you die instantly.


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