Are Lucifer fans your ideal audience?

I'm sponsoring a Lucifer giveaway, targeting fans of the devil's own TV series and the original graphic novels it was based on in a FB ad campaign. Other, similar giveaways I've run have received anything between 3000 and 6400 subscribers.

There will be no requirement to send the giveaway to your email list – all the subscribers will come from Facebook ads.

I hope to run it next week, as soon as I fill the last 6 spots.

What is a viral builder?

It's a bunch of authors of similar genre getting together and working to build their mailing lists by the power of group promotion and a combined ad budget. I make no profit from these – every dollar I receive goes into paying for ads and prizes, and I pay my share, too.

After the builder, everybody gets a copy of the emails, including who has double opted-in and who hasn't.


Firstly, this giveaway is ONLY open to residents of the United States, not the EU, so GDPR doesn't apply.

Secondly, entrants will have to answer a question, agreeing to receive emails from ALL of the author sponsors, who are named in the giveaway, before they enter their email address to enter the giveaway. This is unambiguous and explicit consent.

So if your audience are Lucifer fans, I recommend giving it a go.

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