The Mysterious Midwife – Belinda from Water and Fire

BelWater and Fire Cover 15-9-2013 for Wattpad

Some characters stay with you forever – and some you wish you could forget. Some slowly grow on you as you get to know them.

As a reader, my favourite characters are those who do grow on me as their story progresses. I never expected it to be the same with my characters.

Now, I must make it clear that I don’t construct my characters. I’m told there are authors who can play god and create people with whole personalities. I’m not one of them. My characters are their own people – from the day they invade my head to the day they leave. I haven’t managed to get any of them to leave yet. I’m privileged to be able to view their lives through their heads as it happens and write it down – which is where my books come from.

So, when I say that a character puzzled me and I wasn’t sure I liked her, it’s the same as meeting a new, real person – for Belinda was a stranger to me at first. She seems so calm, collected and clear at first sight…but she’s more complex than I’d realised, as she’s hiding a lot under that composed exterior.

Once I knew her secrets, Belinda became one of my favourite female characters – and one I’d really love to give a happily ever after, if only she’ll let me do it.

For a little more on Belinda – including background on her family and past that isn’t included in Water and Fire – I’ve put together a character profile video, which you can view here:

Water and Fire is available from Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Diesel, Kobo and Smashwords.

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