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A Quarter Million and Counting

A new year, a new plan – and I always look back as well as forward, so before I started writing my plan for 2016, I checked back to see what I said I’d do in 2015: Finishing the Nightmares Trilogy with

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Stowing Away for Success

If you’re going to stow away on a ship, make sure it’s one with modern facilities and a minimum of rats. Maria in Ocean’s Trial didn’t have time to check the facilities or the rat population when she sneaked aboard

The Perfect Storm

To achieve perfection, a storm must cause a hell of a lot of damage. This one did…and it didn’t even have a name. Christmas Island is no stranger to tropical storms and cyclones. A cyclone passes within 100km of the

Flying Fish Cove

If you’re headed by boat to formidable Christmas Island, you need to know where to go. Flying Fish Cove – the only safe anchorage at Christmas Island and even then conditions can change in a moment, as a huge swell

Here There Be Dragons

I love it when truth is stranger than fiction – and one of the legends that inspired my Ocean’s Gift series is one of these. There is a dragon at Christmas Island. No, not a lizard or a water dragon

Where is it Christmas all year round?

Christmas Island, of course! After a long time at sea, Christmas Island’s dark cliffs loom out of the Indian Ocean like some sort of monster. Whether you arrive by air or sea, those forbidding bastions definitely don’t make you feel

Welcome to the Hydrodome

The South Beach Hydrodome was THE place to be seen. Tearooms, beach and swimming baths; a dedicated tram service to take you there…even shark netting to keep uninvited guests out. Opened in 1923, the Hydrodome was definitely a feature of

Centenary of the Battle of Cocos – Lest We Forget

Today is the centenary of Australia’s first naval victory on the 9th November 1914. In the Indian Ocean, no less. So which was the first battle? How did World War I spill into Australian territory? Who won? And at what

Bridge Collapses: Tragedy Narrowly Averted

TOLL OF THE FLOOD: FREMANTLE BRIDGE COLLAPSES.TRAGEDY NARROWLY AVERTED. DISLOCATION OF TRAFFIC. The North Fremantle railway bridge was sagging yesterday as a train passed over it. Shortly afterwards, when it was only by a miraculous piece of good fortune that there

Fremantle Fish Market

Maria in Ocean’s Trial was lucky enough to land a job in the Fremantle Fish Market in 1923 – the perfect place for a girl who knew fish and the ocean, but not much else. Merry and Maria lived on