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A Quarter Million and Counting

A new year, a new plan – and I always look back as well as forward, so before I started writing my plan for 2016, I checked back to see what I said I’d do in 2015: Finishing the Nightmares Trilogy with

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Interview With the Devil: Luce Iblis, CEO

Have you ever wanted to interview the devil himself? Today I’m talking to Luce Iblis, the seductive CEO of the HELL Corporation. Interview with Lucifer Luce Iblis Welcome. Can you please state your name, in case anyone doesn’t recognise you?

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Interview With An Angel: Melody Angel

Have you ever wanted to interview an angel? Melody Angel agreed to answer a few questions, provided she wasn’t asked to reveal too many heavenly secrets, so today I’d like to introduce you to the enigmatic Melody Angel. Interview with

Mammoths and Megafauna, Oh My!

I’ve always wondered where Mammoth Cave got its name. Plenty of megafauna fossils were found there, but no mammoths. Still, that makes Mammoth Cave over 50,000 years old…which is quite young for a cave. If you want a bit of

Underground Lakes and Lucifer’s Little Finger

Actually, I was only kidding about Lucifer’s little finger. This particular cave formation looks like a completely different part of his anatomy and it’s not little at all. It’s the bulbous column on the left hand side of the suspended

The Afterlife of Saint Patrick

To celebrate St Patrick’s day, which commemorates the day of his death, I figured I’d share an interview with the modern day character of Patrick. In my Mel Goes to Hell series, the saint has become an angel and his

Stalagmite’s Got an M in it

When it comes to cave formation, I used to be in the dark as much as anyone else. Now, after all the research I’ve done into West Australian caves, even my daughter knows more about caves than you can learn

Size Matters

Sometimes size matters – especially when you’re the longest in the Southern Hemisphere. No, don’t get your measuring tapes out, boys – this is the Busselton Jetty I’m talking about and nothing in your pants can compete. It’s the longest

Karaoke, Koyane and Onsens

Welcome to Japan – land of karaoke, onsens and a kami called Koyane. I’d best start with introductions, so first up is Koyane. Koyane Ame No Koyane No Mikoto, or Koyane for short, is one of the kami or deities

St Patrick Goes to Purgatory

Saints are usually pictured as haloed and in Heaven, but legends say that Saint Patrick did a Dante and paid a visit to Purgatory and perhaps even Hell. In approximately 445 AD, in between founding churches and working as a