Who Stole the Silver? – Demelza Carlton’s Cursed Coast #DCCC

Who Stole the Silver? – Demelza Carlton’s Cursed Coast #DCCC

Mysterious disappearances: the ship, the silver and the family jewels. Almost two hundred years later, only the family jewels have been recovered.

So what did happen to the Cumberland? Did her crew really die of thirst on the open ocean? Or were they spared this slow, agonising death as their ship was smashed against a reef in the storm?

And why did a man have to build his own prison, a building still standing over 170 years later?

Find out in this week's episode of Demelza Carlton's Cursed Coast:

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About the Author

USA Today bestselling author Demelza Carlton has always loved the ocean, but on her first snorkelling trip she found she was afraid of fish.
She has since swum with sea lions, sharks and sea cucumbers and stood on spray-drenched cliffs over a seething sea as a seven-metre cyclonic swell surged in, shattering a shipwreck below.
Sensationalist spin? No - Demelza tends to take a camera with her so she can capture and share the moment later; shipwrecks, sharks and all.
Demelza now lives in Perth, Western Australia, the shark attack capital of the world.

Demelza Carlton

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