Thighs as Taut as a Fully Laden Clothes Line

Thighs as Taut as a Fully Laden Clothes Line

Evil is Unleashed

With Necessary Evil of Nathan Miller now available in paperback, I thought I'd give you one of Caitlin's clearer nightmares to whet your appetite:

Chapter 4

Mercedes – Red – Chris – Her – Mike – Sorry – Pervert

Saucer Eyes looked like he was going to cry. I was going to make him cry if he so much as touched me. “How c-”

“Shut up!” said the one in the passenger seat.

Saucer Eyes wasn't much older than me. His breathing slowed, but it felt forced, the muscles in his legs tense beneath my back. Thighs as taut as a fully laden clothes line. One hand clutched the door handle, but the door didn't open, no matter how hard he pulled on that handle. His other hand mashed down the window button, which wasn't opening, either. Held prisoner by the car's child lock. No one trusts a pervert, not even his peers.

He wouldn't look at me as he mumbled something, half under his breath, that sounded like, “Sorry,” before he turned away to stare out the window.

I dragged air in through my nose, inflating my burning lungs like brand-new balloons. I wanted to kill the bitch and her two blokes, too. But first…

“Let me go, you bastard!” I blared, feeling satisfaction as Saucer Eyes' hands shot up in scared surrender.

You can wait, pervert. The big bastard gets his balls ripped off first. Besides, the only way out is through his door, if the back doors are child-locked shut.

The big, chunky bastard in the passenger seat just laughed.

I tensed, testing each muscle for readiness as I prayed I could do enough damage to make him let me go.

I launched my body at him, clawed fingers first, reaching for his face. I wanted to scratch his eyes out, but his fist to my jaw jerked my head up so hard I saw stars as I landed in Saucer Eyes' lap, stunned. I sucked in a sobbing breath, not game to give in to the blokes who could kill me. Fight them 'til I fucking killed them, for I'd never let them win as long as I drew breath. One more breath and I'd be up, ready to rip out an eye.

Chunky twisted in his seat, telling Saucer Eyes, “Chris, hold her still,” but he wouldn't touch me. Still surrendering, Chris was saucer-eyed and shaking, set against a background of the dark car ceiling. Chunky caressed the forming bruise on my face with a satisfied smile, saying, “Beautiful,” before he clamped a cloth over my face, crushing me down onto Saucer Eyes. Chris.

I remember gasping for breath, fighting what I knew was sweet, cloying chloroform, but I couldn't. All I could see was Saucer Eyes' face, his anguished look as his lips formed the words I couldn't hear, “Oh God, I'm so sorry,” before it all vanished in a dark haze.

It's all dark after that.

Yes, I've read this chapter aloud on YouTube, too – with the footage taken along the freeway the red Mercedes would have taken:

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Demelza now lives in Perth, Western Australia, the shark attack capital of the world.

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