Ute Tribute

The first utes – okay, Ford Coupe utilities – were manufactured in Australia in the 1930s, to be passenger cars and farm vehicles. Yep, to carry people and pigs.

A versatile vehicle in the past, the ute has become one of the most well-known cars in Australia. Maybe it’s the pull of the powerful V8 engine or the tray in the back that’s big enough to hold a queen-sized mattress. Whether it’s Holden, Ford, Toyota or any other model, a ute can pretty much do anything.

It’s a farm vehicle.

A car for going to the pub.

Or even a display unit for a car-boot sale.

Plus, it’s a work vehicle, for tradies in the city or in the middle of nowhere.

Rumour has it that utes exist in other countries, too, under strange names like “pickups” and “El Caminos.” These rumours have yet to be confirmed.

A ute is a ute. End of story.

Except when there are mermaids involved…

But to know what happens with mermaids and utes, you’d have to read Ocean’s Gift.

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