Best Fishing of Your Life…

“I got a cousin who does some charter fishing out at the Abrolhos. Best fishing of your life, mate. I’ll give him a call, see if I can set you up.” – Dean, Ocean’s Gift

Charter fishing is when you charter a boat and go fishing on it. They provide the gear and the bait; clean, gut and fillet the fish – plus they help you take photos of you and your catch. No wonder it’s a pretty popular activity in Western Australia – and have you seen the fish?

There’s sharks that you’re not allowed to catch, but no one told them they can’t eat us.

There are pink snapper.

There’s a fish with fangs called a baldchin groper – but he’s delicious if you can catch him.

There are samsonfish – huge things that’ll eat your lunch if you drop it over the side. They took off with my chicken wrap once – faster than seagulls, those things.

“A week on a free fishing charter and possibly getting paid to fish for weeks after it. What’s the worst that can happen?” – Joe, Ocean’s Gift

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