Cursed with Murder, Mutiny and Lust – Batavia Shipwreck

“The Abrolhos is cursed, with murder, mutiny and lust. On a stormy night almost 400 years ago, the Dutch ship Batavia was sailing from the Cape of Good Hope to Batavia in Indonesia. The lookout saw what he thought was moonlight on the water, but it was foam from the breakers on Morning Reef.”

This is a background video for Ocean’s Gift, a story which takes place at the Abrolhos in modern times. Why didn’t I put more of the Batavia story in Ocean’s Gift? Main character Joe Fisher, pure and simple. He was more worried about his possible next door neighbour than a historic shipwreck. Of course, he doesn’t know that he’ll be living next door to Vanessa, nor that wrecking a boat at the Abrolhos is easier than he thinks…

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