Joe Fisher – top bloke, good sparky, nice arse…what?

Joe Fisher from the Ocean’s Gift series is a top bloke, a good electrician and he’s good looking, too, according to the mermaids.

“I didn’t say he had a cute bum, Belinda. I would say he has a damn fine arse.”
– Vanessa, Ocean’s Gift.

Joe’s down to earth and dependable, no matter what part of him the mermaids are perving at. You see it most in his thoughts and his conversations – like when he and his mate Dean are discussing their holiday plans. Dean’s planning on partying, but Joe’s going to take on extra work.

Joe’s no expert at fishing, either. It’s one thing to hold a baited fishing rod, another to go fishing commercially for lobster. And he learns the difference pretty quickly.

I guess what I like most about him is that no matter how hard it gets, he still manages to enjoy it – working hard to be good at his job and taking the time to help his next door neighbour, Vanessa.
Of course, he’s too busy admiring her boobs to realise that she’s not human. He’s the sort of bloke who tends to get along with everyone, which is why I think people like him so much.

You tell me – why is Joe Fisher so attractive?

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One comment on “Joe Fisher – top bloke, good sparky, nice arse…what?
  1. I think it has to be the point when he started his first day on the job wearing sandals and ended up covered in entrails with lobsters hanging off of his toes… Totally endearing 🙂