How Do Angels Have Sex?

How Do Angels Have Sex?

Do angels, those pure, shining, sometimes winged, celestial beings, ever get down and dirty? With each other? With other beings, like humans, devils, demons or something else? Everywhere, in heaven, or just here on Earth? Details would help. And pictures…

When I start writing a book with paranormal characters – angels, demons, aliens – I immediately wonder about the biology. Biology involves a substantial amount of sex and I'm never one to skimp on my research. I mean, I went to a lot of trouble working out the mechanics of mermaid mating rituals…you don't believe me, do you? I did – here.

So, do angels have sex?

My first references are more well-respected than the ones I had for mermaids (Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tales, for a start) – the Book of Genesis in the Bible and the Torah. Right before references to the flood and Noah's ark (6.1-4, if you're checking on me), there's mention of “sons of God,” who decided human women looked pretty attractive, so they took them and there were offspring, called nephilim. Sons of God is pretty vague, so it's been defined in lots of ways by scholars over the centuries – but one of the accepted definitions is that these are angels. There's a similar reference in the Qu'ran, too. For angels to have offspring with human women, the biologist in me says sex happened somewhere.

So, with due apologies to Kevin Smith and the creators of the film Dogma, it appears that angels (and likely Alan Rickman) do have genitals that can be used for procreation. Male angels can get a woman pregnant.

A firm believer in equality, I'll say it goes both ways – if male angels are fertile, so are the female ones. That means sex…and children. Unless they're using some form of divine protection, of course…

Demons are meant to be fallen angels or humans who did something really bad. If they were originally human or angel, that means they're capable of sex, too.

Right. Fiction author at work, world-building here. Three religions state that angels, demons and humans are capable of having sex, with their own kind or the others. That's good enough for me – so here's Dem's first law of angel biology:

1. Angels can have sex.

Do they, though? I mean, are they so pure that they don't eat, drink or have sex, being so perfect that they can't do anything wrong? Angels are all about love. They can't harm anyone or anything because it's not in their nature.

In my experience, really good sex with someone you love (and, ideally, who loves you) is pretty close to perfect. Plus, the angels in my world (Mel's world, really) DO eat and drink. A sustained stay on Earth means they need to sustain their bodies somehow. And theology says that some have stuck around long enough to sleep with women and have children with them.

This brings me to Dem's second law of angel biology:

2. Angels do have sex.

In my book, Mel Goes To Hell, there is a half-angel, whose name is Persephone. While I haven't yet decided what the other half is (human, demon, Greek god), an angel slept with someone to result in the child that was Persephone. Before she got her particularly cheeky tattoo.

So there's a Dem's third law of angel biology:

3. Angels have sex with other races.

Now, the hard question. How do they have sex?

There's a whole range of positions humans are capable of – and there's no reason to believe angels aren't equally flexible, if not more so. Angels vary as much as humans – some might be all for missionary style, while others might favour the mermaid sex position.

Now, if you absolutely need to see pictures of mermaid sex on a kitchen table, I recommend you go here. If you're after descriptions of mermaid sex, you're better off reading my Ocean's Gift series. This post is about angels and sex, after all. Right, back to those angels.

Angels have sex like humans – pretty much however they please. I'd like to think they do it better, given all that perfection, and they enjoy it more, too. There have to be some benefits to being an angel.

Disclaimer: I'm not a theology scholar, just a fiction author, so I'm happy to be corrected if an angel's happy to discuss their sexual preferences with me. I do reserve the right to blush as I take copious notes, though.

Want more angels? Check out my Mel Goes to Hell series HERE.

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