The Executive Couple: Beelzebub and Mephistopheles

Two of Lucifer’s most senior demons in Hell – Beelzebub and Mephistopheles – are key to his taking over the world with the HELL Corporation.


A prince of demons known as Lord of the Flies, Beelzebub was originally a Philistine deity and oracle. There are rumours that he once successfully led a revolt of the forces of Hell against Lucifer, but this seems unlikely, as Beelzebub is one of the demons Lucifer often leaves in charge of Hell in his absence.

Beelzebub and them with him.jpg

Not only is Beelzebub one of Lucifer’s most senior demons, he’s married to another, equally important demon – Mephistopheles, who calls him Bob. Occasionally, he acts as CEO to the HELL Corporation when Lucifer is called away on urgent business. He lacks Lucifer’s long-term views on business strategy and makes some very short-sighted decisions as a result.


Mephistopheles means, “doesn’t love the light”. Well, someone definitely got that wrong – Mephi’s greatest desire for centuries has been a tropical beach holiday with her husband, Beelzebub. There’s no love lost between her and Lucifer – she feels her husband has as much right to be Lord of Hell as Lucifer does, though she invariably rules the roost where her husband is concerned.

She’s the demon who tempted Doctor Faustus and made a deal for his soul. It’s made her a formidable personal assistant to Lucifer in the HELL Corporation, as she’s the expert on legal contracts with humans. From occupational health and safety to sexual harassment in the workplace, Mephi knows what Lucifer can and can’t get away with. But, Lucifer being the Lord of Lies, he manages to get away with it anyway.