The Harpies of Hell: Lilith, Jezebeth and Ananiel

The Harpies of Hell: Lilith, Jezebeth and Ananiel

Level Seven in Hell is where harpies are allowed to punish the damned as they see fit. Having spent some time up in the HELL Corporation offices, indulging their tastes for dark erotica, Lilith, Jezebeth and Ananiel have remodelled their level to look more like a modern-day BDSM dungeon. Taking inspiration from this genre of books, these ladies are dark, dirty and definitely in control.


Lilith is the leader of the harpies in the seventh level of Hell and the demon of waste. When on Earth among humans, she amuses herself by searching for children to kidnap or kill.

Lilith (John Collier painting)
Lilith (John Collier painting)

What happened when the first man told his wife she had to be submissive to him?

In many religious sources, Eve (or Khavah in Hebrew) is supposedly the wife of Adam, who is described in Islamic, Christian and Jewish creation myths as the first man. Yet in early versions of the Jewish Talmud, Eve is Adam's second wife. The story runs that Adam was created from clay alongside Lilith – his first wife.

Like a far more modern woman, when Adam decided he was superior to his wife, Lilith told him to get stuffed. She wasn't the submissive sort. Then she left him for Lucifer. Though both she and Lucifer corrupt many lovers as the desire takes them, she still considers the Lord of Hell her personal property.

Lilith is Lucifer's mistress and one of the senior demons in Hell, which naturally entitles her to be one of the senior managers in the HELL Corporation. She's also Mel's boss, inventing odd tasks to make Mel's work day Hell and deriving considerable enjoyment from it.

What neither of them counted on was that Mel and Lili, as she's known in the office, look similar – making Mel very much Lucifer's type. As he's had Lili for millennia, his eye is most certainly caught by the fresh-faced angel.


Jezebeth is a demon of falsehood and lies, which is why she naturally excels at Public Relations and graphic design in the HELL Corporation. Except for the unfortunate James Pond campaign, which brought Mel to Lucifer's attention.

She's particularly skilled at possession and she prefers to take over humans when they're at the peak of fury. Naturally, that makes her perfect for her role as a harpy who tortures damned souls in Level Seven.

As the wife of Geryon, she takes her dominatrix role seriously – both at work and at home.


Ananiel's name means, “rain of God,” and she's a fallen angel.

As one of the harpies in Level Seven in Hell, Ananiel's job is to mete out punishment to damned souls at the end of a whip, burning brand or other torture implement. Far from being a natural dominatrix like Lilith or Jezebeth, Ananiel prefers to be on the receiving end of such treatment, so she's frequently in trouble for turning the tables and allowing damned souls to enjoy themselves as they punish her instead.

In the HELL Corporation, Ana works in Human Resources, recruiting administrative staff for Lucifer to corrupt before using them as prostitutes in her illegal brothel in the HELL Corporation building's food court toilets. She had a deep, abiding hatred for Mel.

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