Seven Reasons Why Scottish Heroes are Hot

It’s 1923. A cargoship steams to a halt when the lookout spots a raft in the wintry Indian Ocean waves with what looks like a girl’s body on it. The superstitious crew want nothing to do with it…all but one man: Scottish engineer William McGregor.

He volunteers to take a boat out to the raft and bring the girl to safety. Never mind the cold water or the danger – if he can save her, he will. When he reaches her, he stares into the Maria’s scared, storm-blue eyes and says, “It’s all right, lass. I’ll take care of you.”

And a Scottish hero is born.

Why would I want a Scottish hero?

1. The accent. There’s just something about the Scottish burr wrapped around, “”It’s all right, lass. I’ll take care of you.”

2. The kilt. There is nothing more sexy than a manly man in a kilt. Except maybe…Hot Scotsman lifting his kilt

3. What’s under the kilt.

4. Scottish reels. Dance a Scottish reel with a man and you get it all:

  • The man in the kilt
  • A man who can dance
  • Kilts flying and the opportunity to glimpse what he keeps under his kilt

5. Ruggedness. Scotland is a harsh country that breeds hard men. Men who’ll fight for what they value, be it honour, the woman they love or their lives. Fight with their fists and fiery tempers, over the steel of their dogged determination to win. Haven’t you seen Outlander yet? Or read Diana Gabaldon’s series of books the TV series is based on?

6. Scottish whisky. The stuff will burn your throat and set you on fire, leaving behind a smoky aftertaste and a desire for more. More of what depends on the company…and the whisky.

7. Sean Connery. From 007 to the older gentleman he is today, need I say more?

Okay, okay…it’s not 1923. But it IS a good day for MY Scottish hero – William McGregor – in Ocean’s Justice.